An opportunity to advance the Gospel locally, nationally, and around the world. 


In 2020, we as a church took part in the first ever Great Exchange Initiative. We set out to raise $35,000 with the ultimate purpose of being able to better reach the nations for the Gospel. Not only did we reach our goal of $35,000 - we surpassed it. In the last 12 months, the Lord has provided through this initiative for us to be able to repaint the exterior of our facility, begin streaming our services online, add lights to the exterior of our facility, have our parking lot resealed, and support world missions. 

In 2021, we believe the Lord has called us as a church to take the next step - for His glory, and His Kingdom. 

Between November 7th and January 31st, we are seeking to raise $45,000 as a part of the second Great Exchange Initiative. 

Elements of The 2021 Great Exchange Initiative

The overall goal of the 2021 Great Exchange Initiative is $45,000. The money raised for the initiative will go toward the following three elements:

  • World Missions
Our main goal in the Great Exchange Initiative is to ultimately better position our church to spread the Gospel. One way we do that is through giving directly to missionaries whose ministries will benefit directly from our support. Because of that, a portion of the Great Exchange Initiative will go directly to support world missionaries seeking to spread the Gospel. 
  • Interior Facility Improvements
The Lord has blessed us with a great facility. We believe that part of having this great facility means that we have a responsibility to steward it well. In 2020, we focused greatly on improving the exterior of our facility. In 2021, we are going to look inward. There are various areas inside our church building that could use renovation, repair, and updates. A portion of the 2021 Great Exchange Initiative will go directly toward covering the costs of these improvements. 
  • Repayment of Roof Replacement

One of the many blessings the Lord has given us in the past year was the opportunity to replace a portion of the roof of our facility. Praise the Lord that He has provided this for us. The section of our roof that has been replaced has worked perfectly and is leak free! For 2021, a portion of the Great Exchange Initiative will go directly to reimburse the finances used to replace this section of roofing on our facility. 


We ask that you would prayerfully consider what you might be able to give to help us as a church achieve this mission God has given us. We would love for you to give online to help support us reaching this ministry goal. You can give quickly online by simply clicking the button below.