An opportunity to advance the Gospel locally, nationally, and around the world. 


  • Building Improvements

Through much prayer and consideration, we have identified three significant needs in regards to our church building. Specifically, we have settled on three main updates that are needed: 1) Resealing of our parking lot;  2) outdoor lighting on our building; and 3) the painting of the outside of the church. 

Each one of these will not simply be just an update to our building, but be a life-giving improvement for our community to see the church alive-and-well on the corner of Penn and Exchange. Our prayer is that through these improvements our building would not just take on a new look, but become a more welcoming location for both current Church members and members of the local community as we seek to reach souls for Christ. 

  • Streaming Capabilities

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had the opportunity to implement an online worship service for those who have been at home, and those who are not able to attend in-person. While it has been a great asset for our church, we have recognized the need for live-stream capabilities

This portion of the initiative will be focused on attaining the equipment and technology necessary to implement the live-streaming of our Sunday morning worship services . This will be a huge step forward for our church to reach not just those who are unable to attend, but reach a brand new audience both locally and nationally for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • World Missions

Perhaps the most exciting part of this initiative is the opportunity to give back to the mission of reaching the lost for Christ on a global level. Each December and January, we have the privilege as Oklahoma Baptists to raise funds for world missions. This year will be no different. A portion of funds raised for The Great Exchange Initiative will go directly toward advancing the Gospel through world missions. 


Church family, we thank you for taking part in the first ever Great Exchange Initiative. Beginning on November 1, 2020, we set out with a goal of $35,000 to help better use our facility and tools to better spread the Gospel in our community, state, and even worldwide. 

Thanks to your faithful giving, we not only reached our $35,000 goal, we surpassed it! In the last 8 months, the Lord has provided through this initiative for us to be able to repaint the exterior of our facility, begin streaming our services online, add lights to the exterior of our facility, have our parking lot resealed, and support world missions. 

This is just the beginning of what we believe God has for our church and our community. We look forward to continuing to see how God will move for His glory and His good.